Recipe: Coconut Milk Chia Seed Pudding w/ Mango

The region of Uluwatu in Bali has some really cool food spots; while we were there, our favourite place to eat was the Bukit Cafe. And that was in spite of the service being some of the worst I have ever known. The breakfast menu in particular was a thing to behold; it was a hipster foodie’s dream, with avocado, eggs, French toast and the like running thick and fast through it. On our last morning I had a chia seed pudding – hell yeah, pudding for breakfast – and thoroughly enjoyed it. Moreover I figured it really can’t have been too hard to make. A quick Google later and I realised all you have to do is soak some seeds and purée some fruit! (So you kind of don’t need to read the recipe now. But please do anyway).

This isn’t really a super-healthy dish, I’ll tell you that right now. And you may or may not find the consistency of the soaked chia seeds a little odd to start with, but hopefully the taste will help with that! Chia pudding is a creamy, indulgent dessert (or breakfast, clearly) that, when paired with a slightly zesty fruit, is pure tastebud heaven. Chia seeds are totes in right now too; they’re high in fibre and antioxidants, amongst a bunch of other stuff, so swap your cheesecake for this ridiculously easy-to-make pud and you’re winning at life.

I’ve used mango here because I really like the tropical vibe of that plus the coconut milk, but go for whatever tickles your tastebuds (although I would recommend something quite tangy as it takes away any potential for the pudding to become too sickly). Also, if you don’t like coconut milk, almond milk is a nice alternative.

Recipe (serves 1… Okay one quite hungry person. Or one person that likes food a lot. Basically this is good old portion)

Time: overnight 

You’ll need:

  • 50g white chia seeds (you can generally buy them from any big supermarkets now, or places like Holland and Barrett or Whole Foods)
  • 200ml coconut milk
  • 150g mango – it’s best to use a really ripe mango, as it guarantees that it’ll be nice and juicy


  • THE DAY BEFORE, or really early in the morning if you’re eating it at night: put the seeds and the milk in a container. Give them a good stir, then cover in cling film and leave to soak. Some people say you only need about three hours, but I think you need at least six! You’ll know when the pudding is ready as it’ll have a thick, fairly solid consistency.
  • Take half the mango and blend until puréed. Pour this into your serving bowl.
  • Once fully set, pour the seed/milk mixture on top. Try and get it to layer evenly for a prettier finish!
  • Place the rest of the chunks of mango on top. Garnish with mint leaves if you like.

That’s it! It’s sooooo easy! I feel like a bit of a fraud for suggesting you need a recipe but hey, we’ve gotta start somewhere. This is such a comfort dish, and it’s made with good, wholesome ingredients that will even keep your vegan friends happy. Let me know what you think!