If I do say so myself!


I can’t even remember how I began making this porridge but it’s a recipe that I absolutely swear by!!! Admittedly it takes a little longer than just microwaving your oats and milk but I love the taste. It’s good to carb up in the morning, especially if you’re restricting your carb intake, so plate up this sweet porridge for an energy boost first thing.

Ingredients (per person)

50g whole grain porridge oats

150-200ml coconut water (not from concentrate). I appreciate that coconut water is super expensive but at least one supermarket tends to have the big brands on offer at any one time, and they’ve actually started doing their own brand version now too (finally!!)

40g blueberries

10g honey

5-10g Holland and Barrett organic omega mix seeds



Pop the oats and coconut water in a pan and cook on a super low heat  for around five minutes, or at least until it’s thickened to your liking.


Pour into a bowl then tip in the rest of the ingredients and you’re done!!
So I feel like a bit of a cheat actually calling that a recipe, but never mind… If you don’t like coconut too much don’t worry, you genuinely can’t taste the coconut water at all!


Let me know if you make it and how you get on…