15 Healthy Snacks To Help Stave Off The Cravings!

So before we start, I guess I have to point out that I'm not qualified in any way shape or form to be giving out nutritional advice - I just eat a lot of food! And spend a lot of time thinking about ways to make my 'diet' more interesting whilst still keeping an eye on the fat, carb, salt and sugar contents of what I eat. Recently a few of my girlfriends have been asking for tips on how to avoid naught[...]
  • Morris Eats @ Gas Street Social

Morris Eats @ Gas Street Social

Headline: it's a bar that does food, not a restaurant that does (really nice) cocktails, so go there with your work friends for drinks, not for a fancy meal. Corporate money has polished up decor trends that were better off with splinters in Mulla: £110 for 1 x ridiculous toast starter, 3 x steak mains + sides, 1 x pudding, 2 x mocktail,1 x large bottle water.  Devil's in the details... con[...]

Morris Eats

I eat out a lot. I mean really a lot - probably 6 days a week. This is only possible as a result of my freakish metabolism which, whilst more than likely transient, currently allows me to eat whatever I want whenever I want and still seriously lack in the curvature department. I've no doubt I'll wake up on my 30th birthday the size of Shamu but for now, let there be food. I always try and stick to t[...]