Paris recap: La Boutique Gymshark, a near-death experience and THAT viral picture

Last weekend marked a long weekend in Paris, and the third Gymshark pop-up store (with the predecessors having been in NYC, for Nikki B's first range, and London earlier this summer). With the success of the two previous stores having been pretty much off the scale, I was eager to see what impact a pop-up store would have in a non-English speaking country. Over the past six months or so Gymshark ha[...]

NA-KD Pleated skirt done four ways | an insight into the life of a microinfluencer

After roughly five years of becoming increasingly, if not worryingly, attached to the platform, I've managed to build up a fair sized following on Instagram. At the time of writing my following is approximately 15,000 human beings, which baffles me quite a lot. How I did that is a matter for a whooooole other post, but for now, let's just say that in the world of the Gram I'm now classed as a humble mi[...]