Paris à la Morris

Every few weeks I get a message from somebody telling me they're off to Paris, and asking for some advice on where to go. Just for context - I am half French and have family in Paris that I've been visiting regularly since I was born, and I also lived there for a year whilst I went to law school. So I know the place quite well! I've decided to put together a list of a few things that I absolutely adore[...]

Paris recap: La Boutique Gymshark, a near-death experience and THAT viral picture

Last weekend marked a long weekend in Paris, and the third Gymshark pop-up store (with the predecessors having been in NYC, for Nikki B's first range, and London earlier this summer). With the success of the two previous stores having been pretty much off the scale, I was eager to see what impact a pop-up store would have in a non-English speaking country. Over the past six months or so Gymshark ha[...]


Every so often I'll nip over to Paris quite early on a Saturday morning to see my grandparents, to shop and to eat, of course. I head home on the 14:50 flight back to Birmingham in time for work on a Monday. This weekend just gone, Noel was in Paris to check out the store that Gymshark are going to be using for their Paris pop-up in October, so I flew out to meet him on Saturday morning and we had a li[...]

Sunny Sunday: Bourton-on-the-Water

We first went down to the Cotswolds for Noel's birthday last year. To be honest, I had no idea what to expect, but I certainly wasn't expecting to absolutely fall in love with the area - particularly seeing as the weather was less than inviting! We spent the weekend in Burford, dosing up on carbs, cute pubs, strolls around endless chocolate-box villages and stoking the log fire in our AirBnB.  [...]

Why You (Probably)* Won’t Get Murdered If You Use AirBnB

Every time I speak to work colleagues or friends about future holiday plans, accommodation is always the one thing that people seem to struggle with. And I always ask, "have you checked AirBnB?". And I always get people that have never heard of AirBNB, or if they have, still think it's some kind of weird 90s dorm-room-shared-bathroom-probably-gonna-get-AIDS-or-stabbed situation. Cue the pitiful sigh fr[...]

Old faces, new places

Holidays in England aren't really our thing. Bali, the Philippines, New York - yes. Newquay? Not so much... So when Noel's oldest friend Danielle popped an invite to her wedding on Lusty Glaze beach through our door last year, I must admit that I didn't immediately break out the espadrilles continue reading[...]

The Bali Diaries: Part 1 | The Culture Shock

OK so – before we start, it’s probably fair to point out that we didn’t go any further north in Bali than Ubud, and were only there for 9 nights. So if you’re looking for an ultimate Bali travel guide – this isn’t it! What this is, is our opinion on this bloody wonderful place from our relatively whistle-stop tour.   I’ll be honest. First impressions? Eeeeeeeeek… Not so gre[...]