NA-KD Pleated skirt done four ways | an insight into the life of a microinfluencer

After roughly five years of becoming increasingly, if not worryingly, attached to the platform, I’ve managed to build up a fair sized following on Instagram. At the time of writing my following is approximately 15,000 human beings, which baffles me quite a lot. How I did that is a matter for a whooooole other post, but for now, let’s just say that in the world of the Gram I’m now classed as a humble micro-blogger, or micro-influencer.

One of the upsides to being a micro-influencer is that brands will often want to work with you; they send you product in return for a dedicated post or review. At my level these are generally quite small brands – which is amazing nonetheless! – and over the past few months I have had some really cool stuff sent over, from cosmetics, to clothes, to food and drink.

But then the other day I had an email from NA-KD, a well-establishing clothing brand with a hefty online profile, known for lining the wardrobes of the superbloggers. I squealed just a tiny bit; the email said that they wanted to see if I was interesting in a collab. Obviously. Fucking. Yes.

Anyway, a few emails down the line (their marketing rep Victoria was LOVELY, by the way) and I had some clothes on the way. They actually sent them via next-day delivery, which was so nice! I got to choose some items from a pretty bloody long list, with no limitations – an absolute dream! The clothes arrived and I was super impressed with the quality of them all. The line is similar to what you’d expect from the likes of Missguided or PLT, but MUCH better quality.

I had a bit of a styling lightbulb go off in my head when it came to a pleated skirt that I ordered, and wanted to showcase it with a four-way styling post. It’s such a versatile piece and I wanted to get that across by showing four ways to wear: work, casual, girl’s night, and date night. Robin and I set up our usual studio at her house and got to shooting last week – so here are the final products!

Let me know what you think!

PS – for any photography fans, these were shot on a Canon 70D then edited on my phone using the A6 filter from the Analog selection on VSCO 🙂


C x