NA-KD Pleated skirt done four ways | an insight into the life of a microinfluencer

After roughly five years of becoming increasingly, if not worryingly, attached to the platform, I've managed to build up a fair sized following on Instagram. At the time of writing my following is approximately 15,000 human beings, which baffles me quite a lot. How I did that is a matter for a whooooole other post, but for now, let's just say that in the world of the Gram I'm now classed as a humble mi[...]

Working Out of Working Hours

  Every time I do any open Q&As, one of the most-asked questions centres around fitting in workouts when you work a full-time job. These generally come from people who have recently graduated and who are going to go into work soon, or those of you who have just started work and are hella confused by this whole permanently exhausted thing. Well – welcome to Being An Adult! For anyone w[...]