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I have decided, ladies and gentlemen, to go on a diet. Yes, it's tragic, I know. A travesty. But - fear not - it's a one-month 'mini-cut' in preparation for our holiday at the start of September. To be honest, for at least a year now I haven't tracked, counted or avoided any kind of foodstuffs; I've been eating pretty much what I want when I want. And what I want tends to consist of relatively healt[...]

Working Out of Working Hours

  Every time I do any open Q&As, one of the most-asked questions centres around fitting in workouts when you work a full-time job. These generally come from people who have recently graduated and who are going to go into work soon, or those of you who have just started work and are hella confused by this whole permanently exhausted thing. Well – welcome to Being An Adult! For anyone w[...]


Very very rarely do I work out and not fit in my standard ab routine; I don't feel like I've done a proper workout if I come out of the gym without my abs aching! I've 'trained' my abs for as long as I can remember - I'm talking 200 crunches a night whilst using a towel for a 'mat' on my bedroom floor aged 12/13. As a result, my stomach is the one part of my body that is toned pretty much all year rou[...]

Style Snapshot: Summer in a Dress

So this little beauty is my all-time favourite occasion dress. I got it last year for a family wedding, and totally forgot about it until last weekend when we went to a friend's beach wedding! I was literally on my way out of the door with a bag packed full of outfits I didn't reeeeeeally want to wear, when I suddenly remembered this. The dress is from MaxMara (style: 'Danzica') - one of my favourit[...]

Bodypower 2017 | Roundup

So I'm a little late to the party, but I thought I'd put in my two cents about Bodypower 2017. My first BP was last year, so I'll admit I don't have much to compare it to, but first off it was definitely an odd experience not having Noel there (as he was at home fighting off a fever thanks to his appendectomy infection!). I was there as Gymshark's 'in the moment' photographercontinue reading[...]

Seamless at the Seaside | a big decision

Noel and I recently went down to Cornwall for a friend's wedding (see my previous post here), and after hitting the gym at the Fistral Beach Hotel & Spa where we stayed, I noticed that the evening light was really beautiful. I hadn't taken any editorial style fitness pictures in a while so I asked Noel if we could quickly grab a couple. These shots were literally taken right outside our hotel[...]


If I do say so myself!   I can't even remember how I began making this porridge but it's a recipe that I absolutely swear by!!! Admittedly it takes a little longer than just microwaving your oats and milk but I love the taste. It's good to carb up in the morning, especially if you're restricting your carb intake, so plate up this sweet porridge for an energy boost first thing. continue re[...]

15 Healthy Snacks To Help Stave Off The Cravings!

So before we start, I guess I have to point out that I'm not qualified in any way shape or form to be giving out nutritional advice - I just eat a lot of food! And spend a lot of time thinking about ways to make my 'diet' more interesting whilst still keeping an eye on the fat, carb, salt and sugar contents of what I eat. Recently a few of my girlfriends have been asking for tips on how to avoid naught[...]