Ciao adios…

I have to hold my hands up here: this outfit is definitely not a creation of my own! I actually stole it – or a version of it – from Janni Delér, when she posted a really similar ensemble on her Instagram:

If you’re not familiar with Janni, she’s an uber-cool blogger/social media influencer who essentially spends her life travelling around the world with friends, family and her equally cool boyfriend, Jon Olsson. Jon is a professional skier, YouTuber, unreal photographer and all-round jealousy-inducing human being, so him and Janni together is just… Well, planets collide, I’m sure.

I absolutely love Janni’s style, a romance which I must admit is somewhat amplified by a) Jon’s incredible camera skills and b) the fact that she’s always taking these pictures in beautiful destinations.

I’m sure this won’t be the last we hear of my Janni obsession, but for now…